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Quick Tip #6 Avoid unnecessary serialization

Quick Tip #6 Avoid unnecessary serialization

Hi, here is another quick tip for speeding up website load time and avoiding unnecessary serialization of downloadable objects. In previous tip about Keep-Alive I have explained how crucial it is to reduce number of requests or enabling KeepAlive feature to decrease number of re-connections to the same server for downloading multiple files. Here comes the interesting part! Avoiding unnecessary serialization.


Quick Tip #5 – Increase Web Server Performance!

Imagine you have a complex website with full of images icons and elements. This means every visitor downloads number of images, javascripts, css files and icons for viewing single page on your website! And everything is fine untill the moment when you notice web server performance degradation. As I already mentioned in the previous article […]


Quick Tip #3 – Article View Counter for WordPress

I have examined several WordPress plugins for counting number of article views and I was shocked! All of them are using  update_post_meta() function which is the worst case scenario for article counting. Why?

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What is a Website Optimization?

Today website performance optimization is a very popular topic. You will often listen from web masters that “Your website is slow…”, “Your website sends more than hundred requests for a single page…”, “Your website images are not organized in a good way….”, “You have to combine your CSS and JavaScript into less files”, “You need to optimize […]