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Quick Tip #5 – Increase Web Server Performance!

Imagine you have a complex website with full of images icons and elements. This means every visitor downloads number of images, javascripts, css files and icons for viewing single page on your website! And everything is fine untill the moment when you notice web server performance degradation. As I already mentioned in the previous article […]

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Quick Tip #4 – How to use Google Analytics Annotations?

Hi, here is another useful tip for website owners. This time it is for better tracking of changes you do in your website. If you always do experiments and updates to your website it becomes hard to remember exact dates of each change you made and to measure the impact of the change. But! there […]


Quick Tip #3 – Article View Counter for WordPress

I have examined several WordPress plugins for counting number of article views and I was shocked! All of them are usingĀ  update_post_meta() function which is the worst case scenario for article counting. Why?


Quick Tip #2 – Use ALT Attribute for Images and Increase Search Traffic

Hi, here is the second quick tip I want to share with you. A very simple yet very powerful tip that so many web developers are ignoring. It is about writing description for the images in your website and thus increasing search traffic and probability of being found by google image search.

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Quick Tip #1 – Improve Your PageRank!

Hi, I’m starting a new series of quick tips. Which will work as “A tip a day”! So I’m going to post one quick useful tip each day. Tips will be from different spheres, like SEO optimization, usability or social networks. It will be tough and not easy… but anyway I like to test myself, […]

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WordPress for High Load Websites?

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! This is my first post in 2012! Today we will talk about high load websites: especially about high load start-up planning with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Questions that I plan to cover in this article are the following: Can WordPress be used for high load websites or not? […]