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Multilingual Wordpress with WPML

Multilingual WordPress with WPML

Finally I’ve got the answer of the question I was searching for a very long period of time.

In short: It is impossible to have big multilingual Wordpress website that will work fast.

Wordpress Performance with nginx

WordPress Performance with nginx

I wanted to tell about my personal experience with WordPress installed with nginx server. Actually with nginx WorPress is much faster, then with Apache. But this is not the whole story. My server configuration is following Processor: AMD Dual-Core Speed: 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz RAM: 2 GB DDR2 Hard-disk space: 250 GB (2 x […]

Best permalink structure for Wordpress

Best Permalink structure for WordPress

Hi dear WordPress geeks! Today I have a great news for you! WordPress is the best ever content management system I have ever seen! Actually I haven’t used many of them, but instead I have developed several own CMS systems and have solid experience with Joomla and WordPress, and you know what? WordPress has the […]

Best WordPress plugins

My list of Best WordPress Plugins

This is an announcement post. I have created a new page in my blog, there I put the list of best WordPress plugins. Currently there are two plugins that I recommend to use.