• Sumo

What is this website about?

Smart Website Tips for Website OwnersHi, this blog is aimed to help website owners. There are lots of information in the internet about website usability, optimization, SEO and social media integration. But sometimes it feels like it is all written for programmers. They are too technical and do not help website owners to make a right decision for their business needs.
If you are a website owner or if you are going to become one, I would suggest you first to read the articles published in this website. They are divided into four main categories Website UsabilityWebsite Optimisation and Social Networks Integration and SEO tips. Also there is a separate page named “Useful Links” that might help you with choosing a domain and a hosting plan for you website.

Hope you will find my website useful and information here will help you to boost your website traffic, conversion and of course profit!


What else do I offer?

I provide professional consultation services to website owners. I believe that knowledge is not something one can hide and I’m eager to share whatever useful information I have for free. But there is one thing that I cannot share with articles and pod casts; it is my personal experience and individual approach to any specific problem website owners are faced nowadays.
If you need a personal assistance or a consultation for your web project, you are more than welcome to apply for my professional services.

The scope of my competence includes the following aspects of web development.

  • Website Usability Audit
  • Website Performance Optimisation
  • Social Network Integration
  • SEO analysis of a website
  • Start-up planning

You can contact me directly by this email: