Flow Types on a React Redux project

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again about Flow.
I have finished setting up Flow types on our front-end repo that has about 100K lines of code.
Some afterthoughts.
1. Flow is hard… it is fuckin hard.
2. Without a good mentor one would struggle badly while adding Flow types
3. Flow is fuckin awesome! I don’t regret about the time I spend on bringing it to the board. I found lots of ‘hidden’ bugs while adding types.
4. Flow has known issues and although they are known, that does not help you find the errors easily
-sometimes it shows error in another place.
5. Flow sometimes forces you to add more code on functions just to get better understanding of what’s going on inside.
If anyone of you would be doing this kind of task, ask me, and I’ll help in moving fast.
Our project included.
-react, redux, thunk, reselect and a lot more…

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