JavaScript Aync Await or still Bluebird?

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WOW finally we can use async await in JavaScript. A long-long waited feature! But wait! Does it have all the nice things we used to have in Bluebird Promise chain? Well let’s have a quick look at an error handling.

I have designed a function theRejector that is an async function and if you pass an argument “2” it will reject the promise.

So I wanted to test if async [] is equivalent of Promise.all([]). But looks like the answer is NO!

In case of Promise.all all rejections are handled by final catch. But in case of async [] => NO.

Try yourself and propose a solution.

Test is run on Node v7.9.0 version.


const Promise = require('bluebird')

const theRejector = async (n) => {
  console.log('start f ' + n)
  if (n === 2) {
    await Promise.delay(1000 * 1)
    return Promise.reject('sik')
  } else {
    await Promise.delay(1000 * 3)
    console.log('end f ' + n)

const testRections = async () => {
  // this throws unhandled rejection
  await [theRejector(1), theRejector(2)]

  // this throws rejection that is handled by catch!
  await Promise.all([theRejector(1), theRejector(2)])



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