JavaScript ES6: Generators + Promises

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es6-promiseEverything you wanted to know about JavaScript ES6 new features is pretty much covered in this article ES6 in Depth.

My mostly beloved staff that I already use heavily on my NodeJS productions.
Also I found a good usage of generators+promises, I always wanted to have simple solution for if-else switching in long Promise chaining.
Now we can do it via generator+promise combination with Yield keyword. The long story with detailed explanation is here: ES6 Generators and asynchronous javascript




// function shorthand => {

// generators + promises
getAndSaveCrawlItemSocialScore (clink, type, date) {
  var self = this
  return Promise.coroutine(function * () {
    let link = yield models.links.getLinkById(clink.lid)

    if (!link) {
      yield models.crawlCron.remove(clink._id)
      console.log('No link for CID: ' + clink._id)
      yield Promise.resolve(true)
    }else {
      let score = yield self.grabLinkScore(link)
      yield self.saveLinkScore(link._id, score)
      yield models.links.markAsParsed(link)
      yield self.CrawlCron.markAsParsed(clink)
      yield Promise.resolve()

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