NextGEN Gallery – The most dangerous configuration

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I like WordPress NextGEN Gallery plug-in very much. It has all the nice features that one would need for creating galleries.
And I think it’s the most popular gallery plug-in currently and very widespread, it has over 11 million downloads.

But what I noticed recently, made me worry about my websites and yours! :)

NextGEN Gallery has one configuration option, which is by default enabled, and leaving it enabled, may lead to loss of images.
Configuration is called “Delete Image Files?“, (When enabled, image files will be removed after a Gallery has been deleted).

So imagine, you have installed gallery, put some images. After some time, you just want to experiment or develop website further, and decide to remove gallery plug-in and re-install it, or just accidentally removed the gallery plug-in from the plug-ins page. What will happen? Guess… all your images store in the gallery folder will be deleted!

That’s why I strongly recommend you, right aftergallery installation, go to the NextGEN Gallery other options page ( and put this option to “No”.

Here is the screenshot of the options page:


click to enlarge

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