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Yii2 dropdown select optgroup

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I have struggled a lot, while figuring this out. Now I want to share what I managed to do.

Situation: We have posts, and categories, each post attached to one category. Categories have 2 levels: parent and child. Post can be attached to child category only.

Problem: Get the select dropdown box of categories with optgourp grouppings.


yii2 optgroup select dropdown


yii\helpers\ArrayHelper::map() didn’t work for me, it broke the multi-dimentional array structure and showed a blank select box.

And that’s why I wrote a helper function in the Category Model file, that returns the list of categories as a array of arrays. Assuming that in category table you have these fields: id, name, parent_id.

Here is the code:

public static function getHierarchy() {
        $options = [];
        $parents = self::find()->where("parent_id=0")->all();
        foreach($parents as $id => $p) {
            $children = self::find()->where("parent_id=:parent_id", [":parent_id"=>$p->id])->all();
            $child_options = [];
            foreach($children as $child) {
                $child_options[$child->id] = $child->name;
            $options[$p->name] = $child_options;
        return $options;


Now we can proceed to form, and put there something like this.

Html::dropDownList('Post[category]', $model->category, app\models\Category::getHierarchy(), ['prompt' => 'Category'] );

or alternatively.

                $form->field($model, 'category', [
                    'inputOptions' => [
                        'class' => 'selectpicker '
                )->dropDownList(app\models\Category::getHierarchy(), ['prompt' => 'Category', 'class'=>'form-control required']);



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  1. Evgeny says:

    Great! Thanks!

  2. jaszczomp says:

    What about use ArrayHelper::map

    $children = self::find()->where(“parent_id=:parent_id”, [“:parent_id”=>$p->id])->asArray()->all();
    $options[$p->name] = ArrayHelper::map($children, ‘id’, ‘name);


  3. molana says:

    thanks Marukyan..

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