Two new WordPress plugins will be released soon!

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Great news for WordPress users, our “Smart Website Tips”  Lab did a fantastic job, and created two very useful plugins for WordPress. That will make your life happy.

1. YouTube channel grabber

This is for automatically fetching your (or others:) YouTube channel videos and posting them as WordPress posts. It also can organize videos under different categories base on the playlists in the channel. So this is really great plug-in that can be used for automatic content creation. We have almost finished it’s testing and soon it will be released.


2. EyeCount

This plugin is for keeping records of your post views. Initially it was oriented for large high load news/media portals based on WordPress, and it has very great features built in. It is compatible with W3 Total Cache and WPML plugin, also it can work on WordPress networks without any problem. There is a built in widget for showing daily, weekly, monthly statistics and a separate one for all time popular posts. Plugin uses AJAX and thus have no impact on website performance unlike old plugins that always cause problems for developers.

So stay tuned! Subscribe via rss and facebook page, so you don’t miss the good news about plugins release! :)

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