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I wanted to tell about my personal experience with WordPress installed with nginx server.

Actually with nginx WorPress is much faster, then with Apache. But this is not the whole story.

My server configuration is following

Processor: AMD Dual-Core
Speed: 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz
Hard-disk space: 250 GB
(2 x 250 SATA) RAID Software RAID 1


so as you see this is a very basic dedicated web server that costs only $60 (from First thing we did, was removing Apache and all its components, and installing nginx server together with WordPress.

In WordPress I do not have any plugins for caching like W3 Total cache or Wp Super cache.

During the peak time of the website we had a huge inflow of visitors and with google analytics real time panel we saw number 580 active visitors.

At that point of time server stopped responding to new requests. So it was the limit!

I restarted php-fpm, then restarted mysql database, but none them helped, then I disabled plugin for counting post views, so there were no additional inserts into database.

Finally website worked again. But I think that was the limit for this kind of server. But anyway, I’m very impressed that it could handle this much requests.

By the way.. I was playing around with static caching of content, so I put WP Super Cache, but website started to work even slower… that was a surprise for me.


So this is my experience, I would like to hear your opinions and about your experience.

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  1. I’m wonder to see your Server Config, You can easily run Apache Server with memcached & Varnish cache faster then nginx server.

    I have 786M RAM VPS working fine with Apache (Virtualmin CP). I was in nginx server with my previous VPS 256M RAm.

    Nice post, Now I will again try nginx webserver and I will check weather it speedup my website.

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