Clients’ needs and impossible programmers

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Hey, today’s post is a bit philosophical… it is about a certain type of programmers that used to complicate everything. This is very common for smart-and-lazy programmers, in general they do not want to complicate things, but on the other hand they do not see an easy solution. They do not see it because of their perception of real life. In programming everything should be in its place and everything must be defined and declared and clarified before something happens. In real life – not! And it is very difficult for them to adopt new concepts from real life, because they are not used to simplify real life models, they are just object oriented programmers :)

In 90% of cases clients are OK with partially implementation of their request, rather than not implementing it at all!

I think that programmers should be more flexible and more real-life problems oriented. They should not categorize task by easy and hard, they should think about useful/not-useful, will work/will not work, profitable for client or it is just an expense with no return. So instead of learning object oriented programming they should first learn solution oriented constructive thinking, that tries to offer solutions to client’s requests instead of making them impossible and creating new problems.

I’m not the smartest programmer in my field (web development), but I have never had a request from clients that was impossible to implement. I always did that they wanted and they went satisfied, and  they brought me more and more clients.

But I saw lots of programmers that will argue for two hours and persuade that it is impossible, instead of searching for solutions they search for contra arguments…

So think easy, try impossible, skip some features but do the whole and nerver say it is impossible!

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