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YouTube success storyToday I want to share with you a recent experience, or so called a YouTube success story, on how we increased our exposure in the internet, by using strategy of being everywhere.


YouTube is a video sharing platform. Are you sure? Are you still perceiving YouTube as a movie watching platform only? Here is the good news, it is not!

The prelude. A friend of mine is a vocalist in one of the Armenian nu-metal bands named Vordan Karmir. Recently they have recorded a new song, a very energetic and funny song. They wanted to publicize this song, before finishing the whole album. So they uploaded this song to SoundCloud (famous song sharing platform) and started to share it on Facebook and on other social platforms.

My advice was. creating a movie, that in fact is not a movie, but just a static poster-screen with the new song being used as a soundtrack. And then upload this “movie” to YouTube and share it on Facebook as they did with SoundCloud song.

Below you can see/listen both YouTube movie and SoundCloud song.


Ready for statistics?

In three days song was watched/listened on YouTube for 1400 time!

Whereas on SoundCloud during four days song have been listened only 71 times (63 listen+9 download)!


The conclusion.

Use all the available tools and platforms for increasing your exposure on the web. Like in this case, you should think wide, mix and adopt different media formats for having larger auditory than you could reach with one type of media. And YouTube movies provide great opportunities for that. If you are a musician you can post a song even if you don’t have a fancy movie clip prepared for it.  If you are a photographer, you can create a slideshow with your photos and share on YouTube (as I did with my photographs). And so on…

I would be happy if you share your success stories in comments.

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