Quick Tip #6 Avoid unnecessary serialization

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Hi, here is another quick tip for speeding up website load time and avoiding unnecessary serialization of downloadable objects. In previous tip about Keep-Alive I have explained how crucial it is to reduce number of requests or enabling KeepAlive feature to decrease number of re-connections to the same server for downloading multiple files. Here comes the interesting part!

Most of the modern browsers have limits on number of open connections to a single host (server). This means that for example Chrome can open up to 6 or 8 connections to a single host, Mozilla 8 connections and so on.

So for downloading all the style files, javascripts and images of a single page browser opens limited number of connections (5,6 or 8) and downloads all necessary files (for example 30 images) one after another! In other words, browser “waits” for releasing connection and after uses that free connection for downloading next file.

How to avoid this unnecessary serialization?

Quick Tip #6 – The power of sub-domains!

Use more than one host for serving your content. For example serve all images of website from sub-domain.

Do not abuse this tip! Two or three sub-domains are more than enough. Because many sub-domain would cause additional DNS look-ups and reduce effectiveness of this tip.

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