Quick Tip #4 – How to use Google Analytics Annotations?

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Analytics Annotation

Hi, here is another useful tip for website owners. This time it is for better tracking of changes you do in your website. If you always do experiments and updates to your website it becomes hard to remember exact dates of each change you made and to measure the impact of the change. But! there is a nice way to remember it and use right in the place where you analyze your statistics! How?

In Google Analytics there is a possibility to add annotations under each day! In the screenshot attached you can see how I did it.

Quick Tip #4

Use Google Analytics annotations for tracking and evaluating changes you made on your website!

Just click on a particular date and choose “Create new annotation”. Then write a shot description of the change you made to your website and that’s it! Now you don’t need to remember dates of the changes you made. And even more! after some time,  when you will be evaluating your website performance, you can see your annotations and analyze their impact. Easy and free!

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